Begin2Swim take your privacy very seriously.

We process all information in accordance with the applicable UK Data Protection Legislation. 

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to see how we will treat the personal information that you provide to us. We will take reasonable care to keep your information secure and to prevent any unauthorised access or use of it.

What information do we take, and what do we do with it?

When you send us a message we receive your email, name phone number and your message content. We need to use this information in order to get into contact with you to discuss lessons at Begin2Swim. We do not need any credit/debit card details as we do not take payment through the website. This information will not be passed on or sent to any third parties for marketing. The information you give to us is used to get back into contact with you and nothing is stored through our Wix website. With the information we hold, you have the right to change/access the data. Any information you complete on the form when you sign up/trial our lessons are all locked in a folder. Once you have stopped swimming with our swim school your information will be destroyed. If you need to change/access your contact form you can do this at any time.





  • Parents to complete the enrolment form handed to them on first trial/lesson. Please complete all information regarding disabilities allergies ect. Any changes that need to be made regarding details needs to be updated before a new lesson starts.

  • Arrive on time for lessons and if you are unable to bring your child please contact us. If we ever have to cancel/rearrange lessons the best times and ability’s will be allotted to you.

  • Behave responsibly as a spectator, please confirm to the pool rules. Treat all swimmers, teachers and other spectators with respect.

  • Move around poolside safely and quietly when lessons are taking place. This is so we can make sure we have the safest environment.

  • Please do not leave children at the pool, please remain where we can see you so if we need to contact you during the lesson we can do. Please notify us if you have to leave the poolside so we know how to contact you during an emergency.

  • As a child protection measure no mobile phones are allowed in the changing rooms and in the entrance room.

  • We have one changing room, however if the child is over 8 please use the toilet rooms or ask for separate changing facility, which we can provide.

  • Make sure that children are appropriately dressed for their swimming lessons.

  • Make sure children do not use inappropriate language around other children and in our facilities.

  • Behave responsibly as a spectator and treat swimmers, teachers, other parents and the Venue staff with due respect and therefore meeting the ASA commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion

  • Help your child to enjoy their lessons and encourage them on their progress during lessons.

  • Keep your details updated and if it needs changing please contact asap so we have up to date records of all children and emergency numbers.

  • No food or drink to be brought onto poolside.

  • No running on poolside

  • Parents/carers are responsible for taking their child to use the toilet facility’s and in the changing rooms.

  • Parents must make sure all children over the age of 3 have swimming hats for hygiene reasons.

  • No outdoor shoes should be worn around poolside. Most of the time we have blue shoe covers available if parents do not want to take their shoes off. We encourage parents to bring clean flip flops to change in to if they do not want to take shoes off.

  • No push chairs should be brought into the shallow end of the pool.

  • Please make sure any children/ spectators that are young are looked after all of the time. Begin2Swim are only responsible for the children in the water they are teaching.

  • We have the right to change teachers at any point throughout the term. However we do try our best to keep the teachers the same however due to teacher illness/holiday dates we will find a cover/backup teacher when we can.

  • Parents/carers are to assist their children to the toilet during lessons as teachers are not allowed to go into the changing rooms with the children or assist them in anyway. You are responsible for your child when they are in the changing rooms/toilets



  • Any breach of the code of conduct will be dealt with by Begin2Swim

  • Every parent has the right to make a complaint if they feel like a Begin2Swim teacher isn’t acting appropriately.



We as a swim school and individual teachers will agree to these terms of our code of conduct.

  • To respect the rights and dignity of every human being. To treat everyone equally.

  • To adhere to the Swim England code of ethics rules & laws. Wave power, equality and diversity’s.

  • To provide safe supervision of your children whilst they are in the pool as far as possible within the limits of our control.

  • To treat all personal information and nature as confidential.

  • To maintain our teaching and life saving qualifications to offer the best and safe knowledge available.

  • To consistently display a high standard of behaviour and appearance.

  • The child’s welfare is paramount and every child has the right to protection from abuse.

  • To carry out our general duties

  • To always be publicly open when working with children. We will avoid situations when children and teachers are completely unobserved.

  • To develop and appropriate relationship with children when working based on mutual trust and respect.

  • Never influence a personal benefit or reward.

  • We will ensure that any allegations of safeguarding issues will be take seriously and addressed appropriately.

  • We run classes in 3 terms over the year. We will invoice customers by the term. We ask for 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit for the term. We will state this on the enrolment form.

  • If a lesson is cancelled for any reason we will offer an alternative date/time to swim. If this is not possible we will refund however no refunds will be given if cancellation is out of Begin2Swims control, ie Weather

  • All teachers are qualified through STA or ASA and kept up to date.

  • We are concerned primarily with the health and safety of the swimmer and then their performance.

  • Alcohol and smoking is unacceptable when in charge of the welfare of swimmers

  • Treat all swimmers fairly within the context of their sporting activities regardless of gender, race, athletic potential, sexual orientation, political beliefs and other conditions.

  • Provide feedback to swimmers in a manner sensitive to their needs. Avoiding overly negative feedback. Avoid shouting or verbal targeting.

  • Avoiding any intimacy or unnecessary contact with a swimmer and maintain a working coaching relationship.

  • When dealing with young swimmers at all times be conscious and embrace the concepts of Long Term Athletic Development

  • Ensure that tasks and training are suitable for age, experience and physical ability

  • Encourage swimmers to respect one another.

  • Recognise swimmers rights to consult with other coaches and experts in the field.

  • The paramount considerations of all swimmers, parents and carers at all times, including safety of all.

  • We are not to administer any medicines to children only parents.

  • Please let Paige know if you need to speak to a member of staff as this may need to be done out of pool hours.



Begin2Swim parking is available on site.



  • I understand that fees are due on the date on the enrolment for 50% to secure the slot and then the remaining on the first lesson back of term. If the remaining payment is not due on time then the space can be given to another child.

  • I agree to follow the above code of conducts and ethics

  • I understand that if any lessons need to be rescheduled or cancelled due to weather you will not be offered a refund

  • I understand that Begin2Swim are not permitted to have children in lessons without a reasonable adult present. As such I agree to be in the designated viewing area and accompany children when they use the toilet or changing room facility’s.

  • I agree to my child wearing goggles during the swimming lessons and if needed to be adjusted by the swimming teacher. I also agree that any injury caused by goggles are not the reasonability of the swimming teacher.

  • I understand that refunds cannot be made for missed lessons under any circumstances.

  • No catch up lessons will be issued if you have missed a lesson due to illness or holidays.



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