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Begin2Swim is Dedicated

to Teaching Children ages 2 and above to Swim Confidently and Safely

Begin 2 Swim!

Begin2Swim provide private swimming lessons for ages 2+

& all abilities. Whether it's your childs first time in the water or looking to improve on skills, we have our qualified and friendly instructors to help them Begin 2 Swim!

Our swim school is run by Paige and works within a team of experienced and friendly instructors.


At Begin 2 Swim we believe swimming is a very important life skill, Our method for teaching is in small groups at a max of 3 per class. We feel this offers each child the attention needed to learn to become safe in the water.

Learn to swim


Begin2Swim teach in small groups of 3 children per class and private individual 1:1 classes for after school sessions. For preschoolers we have 2:1 lessons and 1:1 too.

By teaching in small/induvidual lessons we find we can give each child the right attention to progress.

Summer Holiday Intensive Lessons

During the summer break Begin2Swim run week long intensive lessons where children can swim from Monday - Friday.

Once enrolled your child will have a half hour lesson each day for 5 days. with a lesson each day we can help quickly gain water confidence within a fun environment, where children can have fun and learn key skills.

Book 2 Children & get 50% off the 3rd!
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